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Tabi Divided socks to be used with zori or geta
Tachi Standing
Tachi Same as dachi
Tachi Battle sword used from horseback characterised by a deep sori and long ha (28"-32")
Tachi Dori Sword taking (defenses against a sword bearing attacker)
Tachi Waza Standing techniques
Tai Body
Tai Atari Body striking
Tai Atari Otoshi Body striking drop
Tai Chikara External power, muscle
Taijutsu Body Tactics (art)
Tai Otoshi Body Drop
Tai Nagare Body Flow
Tai no Henko (To) Change body (direction/orientation)
Tairyo Otoshi (Body) weight Drop, a method of power generation
Taisabaki Body decisive motions, moving with the whole body
Tai Seigyo Body controls, takedowns
Taiso Body correcting, see:   Sotai
Takemusu  'Martial' knot, the concept that one can, with correct training, spontaneously mount appropriate responses to unexpected circumstances
Taki  Waterfall
Tan Gallbladder
Tanden Abdomen
Tani Valley
Tani Otoshi Valley Drop
Tanin Geiko Practicing with multiple attackers
Tanko Bladder (BL)
Tanomo Large sleeves on formal tops
Tanto Half-blade, a dirk with a blade between 4" and 13"
Tanto dori Half-blade Taking, defenses against a dirk
Tantojutsu  Half-blade Tactics/art, manipulating and using knives
Taoshi To fell, tip over as if rooted
Tatami Compacted rice straw mat (3.3' x 6.6'); by extension now used generically to denote any kind of matted area
Tate Vertical
Tate Hiza Vertical Knee, a modified Iaigoshi
Tateki Multiple attackers
Tateki Geiko Practicing with multiple attackers
Tateki Uchi Fighting with multiple attackers
Tatte Raise
Tegatana Hand sword, a strike with the blade edge of the hand (fingers spread)
Te(i)ji Form (of the kanji) "hand," a kamae slightly wider than hanmi
Teisho Heel of the hand
Teisho OtoshiPalm-heel Drop
Teisho UkePalm-heel Reception, see:  Uke Nagashi
Tekubi Hand Neck (wrist)
Tekubi Osae Wrist press (Aikido's Yonkyu)
Tekubi UndoWrist exercises, the group of locks used to stretch and strengthen the tendons of the forearms
TenbinYoke, scale
Tenbin Nage Yoke/Scale throw
Tenchi Heaven and earth
Tenchijin Heaven, earth and humankind, the idea of balancing high and low
Tenchi NageHeaven and earth throw, one in which UKE's arms are separated
Tendo Atemi point on top of head (frontal coronal suture)
Tenkan Change perspective/direction, a to turn to face the same direction as Aite
Te no HiraPalm of hand
Tenshin Transmitted/mandated by heaven, divinely inspired
Te no UchiInside the hand, gripping (also transliterated as Tenouchi)
Tenugui Small hand cloth to wipe the face. Also worn under the helmet in kendo
Tettsui Hammer fist
Te UraInside of Hand (or wrist, same as uchi-te)
Te WazaHand techniques
Tori The taker ("winner") of a technique
Tori Taking, grabbing or grasping
Tori Bird
Tori-i Bird perch, a stylized gate often found at Shinto shrines (also a sword reception)
Toshikoshi GeikoNew Year's eve practice
Tsuba Handguard found on Japanese swords
Tsubo A jar, the name for dermal acupoints
Tsugi AshiThrusting Step, not walking normally, always leaving the same foot behind
Tsuka The handle of a Japanese sword
Tsukami TsukaTo seize (and immobilize)
Tsuki Moon
Tsuki Thrust (punch)
Tsukikage Moon shadow, a strategy 

Uchi Inside
Uchi Strike, a swinging blow
Uchi Deshi Inner disciple, a live-in student
Uchima Inner Distance, one in which one can strike by taking a single step
Uchimata Inner thigh (can imply groin area also)
Uchi Te The attacking hand, the attacker
Uchi Waza Striking techniques
Ude (The) arm
Ude Gatame Arm lock, generic term for shoulder and elbow locks
Ude Kansetsu  Arm joint (lock)
Ude Otoshi Arm Drop
Ue Up, over
Uke Receive
Uke Receiver ("loser") of the technique
Ukemi Receiving body, falling and other skills to keep one safe during practice
Uke Nagashi Flowing reception
Uke Waza Reception techniques consisting of parries, redirections and counter cuts
Uki Floating
Uki Hiza Floating knee
Ura Back
Uraken Back of fist
Uraken Uchi Backfist strike
Ushiro Rearward, behind
Ushiro Eri Dori Rear collar taking
Ushiro Kubi Shime Rear neck choke
Ushiro Otoshi Rear drop
Ushiro Ryokata Dori Rear two shoulder taking
Ushiro Ryote Dori Rear two hand taking 
Ushiro Ryo Tekubi DoriRear two hand neck (wrist) taking
Ushiro Shime Rear constriction, choking from behind
Ushiro Tekubi Tori Rear Two Wrist Grabbing
Ushiro Tsuki Rear thrust
Ushiro Udoroshi A technique in which UKE is pulled down from behind, (akin to Kuzushi Otoshi, Ushiro Otoshi)
Ushiro WazaTechniques from rear attacks
Uwagi Jacket (top of keikogi)

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