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N - O

Nafuda Name tag (wooden placard)
Nafuda Kake Name tag rack
Nagare Flow
Nagashi Flowing
Nagashi Waza  Flowing from one technique to next
Nage  Throw
Naginata Polearm with a 5-7' ovate shaft attached to a 1-3' curved blade
Naibu Interior, inside
Naike   Pressure point on inside of ankle
Naka Center, Middle
Nakadaka Middle Knuckle
Nakago The tang of a bladed weapon
Nakaima Middle of now, being fully present
(no) Naka ni To the center
Nakazumi Centerline of the body
Nana Seven (polite)
Nanadan Seventh-level, a high rank in modern budo
Nanakyo Seventh principle: a Yonkyo applied to back of wrist
Nanakyu Seventh hill, seventh rank before shodan
Naname Diagonal
Naname Katate Tori Diagonal Single Hand Taking, a cross grab
Naname Geri Diagonal Kick
Ne Waza Reclining or Sleeping Techniques, (ground grappling techniques)
Ni Two
Nibon Two-step, going beyond the initial 'stickman' level of training, to a responsive attacker
Nidan Second Rank, a low, (black belt) training rank in modern budo
Nihon The land of the Rising Sun, the correct name for Japan (also, Nippon)
Nikkyo Second principle: Kote Mawashi, Kotemaki, Kagi, Kote Osae Ura
Nikkyu Second Hill, the second rank before shodan
Ninjo A required thing, something that one must do
Ninso Reading character visually (some high level martial artists are said to be experts at this)
No Possessive particle of speech
Nobashi Stretched out
Nodo Throat
Nogare Breathing method featuring long exhalation with sharp gasp
Noto Resheathing a drawn sword
Nuki Pull, draw
Nuki Te  Sword Drawing Hand (also, to stiffen the ends of one's fingers)

O  Great, major, large, principal
Obi Belt (White belt , Black belt)
Odome Another name for the secret waza of the Daito Ryu
Odori Dance
Oi Tsuki  A step-punch, many karate-ka refer to this as a lunge punch
Oji A response
Oji Waza  To receive and then counterattack
Okuden Interior or secret teachings 
Oku Iri Introduction to the Secrets, a traditional rank
Omote Front, outer; that which is obvious
Omote Waza Techniques that are revealed to the public
On Favor. When one "carries another's On", he/she has Giri to repay it
Onaka Great Middle, the stomach area
Onegaishimasu Please, when asking for something, as in, "Please let's practice together
Oni Fumikomi Devil Stomping, in Sumo, part of the ritual act of dispelling evil spirits
Osae Press; push; to immobilize
Osaekomi Push wrap, immobilizations
Osae Waza Pinning, holding techniques
Oshi Push
O Sensei Greater one who came before, a term used to distinguish a senior member of a family (eg, Aikido's Ueshiba, Morihei was O-sensei; his son Ueshiba Kisshomaru was known as Waka-sensei, or 'young master')
Otoshi Dropping, drop
Oyo Applications for techniques and/or kata

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Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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