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                                About the Instructor

    Jigme Chobang Daniels (b. 1973) has been involved in traditional Japanese arts since 1982, earning Dan (black-belt) ranks in Aikido, Takeshin (Bamboo Heart/Spirit) Jujutsu and Seiken Budo and is currently the senior member of the Bushinkai Dojo under Wes Tasker, Sensei.  Since being accepted as a full member of Tenshin Shintai Ryu in 1997, he has received transmission of Shoden ('first' scroll-  2003), Chuden ('mid-level' scroll- 2006) and Okuden ('esoteric' or 'secret' scroll- 2013) and continues to train actively.  Jigme and fellow member of the Bushinkai, Rich Shih, are presently the highest 'ranked' (Okuden Menkyo) U.S. students of the art.

    In 1994, Jigme began formal study of Japanese healing arts (Shiatsu and Sotai) under noted instructors Kikuko Miyazaki, Sensei (Boston Shiatsu/Boston Bodywork School), and Arthur Sennott, Sensei (Mizenkan).  In addition to more modern modalities, in 2002, he completed the kenkojutsu section of Shintai.

    From early childhood Jigme has been fascinated with teaching methods and learning styles.  In 1984, he began assisting with instruction of children's classes.  In the years since, he has received permission to teach the full Shoden and Chuden curricula of Shintai, as well as teaching certificates in two other arts.  Since founding the Aiki Budokai, he has had the opportunity to teach at public and private schools (including Graham and Parks in Cambridge, MA and Commonwealth School in Boston), and presented at seminars for all ages in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and led a series in Cambridge, England.

    Outside of training Jigme is a parent and husband who enjoys cooking, volunteer work, video editing and music.

    "Building and teaching at the Aoi Koyamakan Dojo is an expression of a lifelong interest in traditional Japanese arts, ways and culture.  After three decades of study I'm not a 'Grandmaster' (or even a 'Master') but a practitioner who strives to honor the patience, kindness and dedication to constant improvement modeled by the extraordinary teachers I've had the good fortune to know.  Instructing in an open, attentive, and 'present' way is a reflection of this.

    Our dojo is a non-competitive learning environment, one that features teaching geared to each individual where s/he is, while adding challenge through continous refining of kihon (basics) and progressive resistance from aite (training partners) and instructors.

    There are many ways to make the body stronger and more flexible; the real benefits of studying Jujutsu go far deeper than merely cultivating physical power.  Regular, sincere shugyo (austere training) increases concentration, adaptability, relaxation and humor under stress; in addition, it develops compassion and empathy and often leads to buyu (deep and lasting friendships through training.)  I am honored to able to participate in training- and invite you to join us."

Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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