Aiki Budokai
 of Boston
Aoi Koyamakan Dojo

(eye-khi bhu-doh-khai) comprises
, five kanji (Sino-Japanese characters, read from top to bottom):
Aiki Budokai kanban (sign.)

Harmony, energy, 'martial', path/way and group
which we translate as 'The Harmonious Warrior Way Association'.

Who we are:
We are dedicated to the study, practice and preservation of traditional Japanese combative, healing and cultural arts, especially those within the Nakayama-den and Koyama-den.

School history:

1996- founded as Kenbukai (Martial Research Association), in Natick, Massachusetts.
1997- moved training to share space with Jo Ha Kyu Bugaku in Allston, MA
1998- changed name to Aiki Budokai
2000- Jo Ha Kyu gives up space, moved to Tenchi Kenpo Dojo, also in Allston
2000 - 2004- phasing-out of composite curriculum
2008- Tenchi Kenpo gives up space, training moves outdoors
instructor received license to teach through Chuden of Tenshin Shintai Ryu Heiho 
2012- Aoi Koyamakan Dojo opens as a dedicated training space

Our philosophy:

We have five major goals or aims-

Aims of the AIKI BUDOKAI

-  To provide a safe, supportive environment for learning, growth and development

-  To instill the 'Warrior' spirit in practitioner's everyday lives

-  To give practitioners, through the sincere practice of Bujutsu ('martial' skills), tools to continually better themselves and their world

-  To present a correct view of 'martial' arts (and artists) to the general public

-  To help train safe, sane, healthy individuals who are beneficial members of their communities, and of society as a whole
Guided by these Aims, we use shugyo (austere training) and kenkyu (research) as the core of dojo activities.

Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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