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A variety of online resources for research and entertainment, grouped alphabetically by subject- please let us know if you would like to see a page added, or find a dead link.

Please note- inclusion in this list implies niether affiliation nor agreement with all content contained therein.


Aikido Journal Online The site of Aikido Journal (formerly Aiki News), the premier English-language publication featuring research on the history and influences of Ueshiba Morihei's, O-Sensei's Aikido

Aikido Online Another good resource for Aikido information

Aikikai Foundation The organization dedicated to furthering the post-War art of Ueshiba Morihei

Aikiweb Great site, lots of useful information

Tom's Aikido International Page A nice page with lots of useful information The organization of Minoru Mochizuki (pre-war student of Ueshiba, Kano and Funakoshi)

Yoshinkan The school of Gozo Shioda (pre-war student of Ueshiba and Kano)



Aikijujutsu The English language site for mainline Daito Ryu, as taught by Katsuyuki Kondo, Menkyo Kaiden, Soke Dairi

Daito Ryu Kodokai East coast branch of one of the most conservative schools of Daito Ryu

Daito Ryu Roppokai The school of Seigo Okamoto, Kyoju Dairi

Daito Ryu Takumakai Founded by Takuma Hisa, Menkyo Kaiden

Hakuho Ryu the system (based on Daito Ryu) of Okubayashi Shogen, Kyujo Dairi




Don Roley's Rantings and Ravings 

Wayne Muromoto's Classic Budoka

Peter Boylan's The Budo Bum



Discussion Fora 

Budoseek Also host of an impressive listing of dojo all over the world Hosts a wide range of topical discussions on various traditional Japanese cultural and 'martial' arts

Martial Talk a huge site with many diverse topics



Sengoku Daimyo Armor page not your average SCA person, the author apprenticed with an armor-maker in Japan to learn the craft

Shuriken extremely thorough site dealing with many aspects of shurikenjutsu, includes different ryu as compiled by (the late) Jason Wotherspoon





Course Junction Listings of many courses available online and in person

Consulate General of Boston Links to information and services to do with Japanese culture in greater Boston

Martial Info Another list of links to different schools all over the globe




Engrish a (now rather large) site devoted to odd uses of English 'loan words' in Japan and elsewhere

Ninja Burger! a site that dates to the early days of the web

Real Ultimate Power dedicated to ninja (as envisioned by an adult, as a ten year-old boy) infatuated with (and fueled by) their pop-culture depictions

Tales of Descado unfortunately not updated for many years, some of his stories are a great deal of fun, (though readers with gentle sensibilities may be put-off by his use of expletives, hyperbole and disdain for traditional arts)



Japanese Cultural Arts

Cha-no-yu/chado the way of tea, this site offers a resource for students and practitioners

Custom Japanese Calligraphy High quality custom calligraphy and translation services

Ikebana Sogetsu the Sogetsu school of flower arranging

Ikebana Ikenobo the oldest school of flower arranging (celebrated 550 years in 2012)

Kadoenshu a 400-year tradition of ikebana

Michi This site offers an extensive set of links, as well as articles written by practitioners of various cultural arts

New England Bonsai bonsai (literally, 'cultivated in pots') this site is both informative and offers materials for sale The calligrapher Eri Takase's site.



Japanese History

Hiyaku Tradition & History A site that offers an overview of Japanese history and context for many of the more pivotal events

Samurai Archives An extensive database of historical information



Japanese Language

Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary (alternate portal) an oldie but goody. Helpful search functions make searching it a snap to locate that kanji you may have forgotten

Lexilogos Keyboard a great tool for typing furigana and/or kanji




Judo Info A rather large site, includes quotes of famous Judoka, articles by Kano, shihan, etc. 

Kodokan Dojo World headquarters for the teaching and teaching of Jigoro Kano's Judo





Hontai Yoshin Ryu

Sosuishi/Soshitsu Ryu

Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu

Takenouchi Ryu the oldest koryu jujutsu system









Magic Powers

The Amazing Randi- has had (for decades) a standing challenge to anyone claiming to have supernatural powers... he's still waiting...



Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu

Bujinkan- the website of Masaaki Hatsumi, soke

Genbukan- the website of Shoto Tanemura, soke

Jinenkan- the website of Fumio Manaka, shihan

Iga Ninja Museum- Interesting material about day-to-day lives of the ninja... perhaps to be taken w/a grain of salt



Electronic Journal of Asian Martial Arts this site (run by Joseph Svinth) includes subsections on: Combative Sports, Non-lethal Combatives, Western Martial Arts and Theatrical Combatives administered by Hyakutake Colin (Watkin), a westerner (by birth) who has lived in Japan for decades and has attained Menkyo Kaiden in two separate koryu books and articles compiled and authored by westerners with experience in a variety of traditional and classical arts

Merriam Webster Dictionary online while not a 'martial' arts site, a valuable resource

Spark Notes a fun site, helpful for researching history, science or literature (in English)


Training Supplies

Aoi Budogu retailers of iaido and kendo supplies

Budo Videos books, videos and training equipment

Bugei these folks stand behind their products; selection ranges from imported tea sets to Howard Clarke Katana made here in the 'States

Bujin Design manufacturer of high quality hakama, buki and other 'martial' arts supplies

E-Bogu purveyor of equipment for kendo and other 'martial' arts

Japanese Culture Club (formerly, Asahi Japanese Gifts) selling Japanese items (most not related to 'martial' arts), as well as cultural information

Token Mino iaito and shinken manufactured in Japan

We Sell Mats resellers of foam puzzle mats with 'tatami' texture- very helpful staff


Western Combatives

Dragon Preservation Society A group dedicated to the preservation of classical European texts on fighting arts

The Historical Armed Combat Association Offering scans of historical texts, as well as study guides, essays, photos and videos; extensive


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