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Chakuchi Legitimate heir
Chi Earth
Chiburi Ritualized shaking of sword to remove blood and organ. Correctly known as chuburui, it is performed done in conjunction with wiping-off, so as not to sully one's saya (causing sticking damage)
Chikara Strength
Chokkaku Right angles
Chokusen A straight line
Choshi Rhythm  
Chototsu Atemi point between the eyes
Chu Mid, middle
Chudan  Mid-level
Chudan Tsuki  Mid-level thrust; a punch to the abdominal region
Chudan no Kamae Mid-level combative posture sword tip directed at throat, a basic Kamae
Chuden Middle Scroll
Chugoshi Middle hip.  See:  Iaigoshi
Amma A massage, masseuse or masseur

Dachi Stance
Dai Great, large, major
Daicho Large Intestine (LI)
Dai Kinniku Major muscles, skletal muscles
Daimyo Great Name, feudal landowners in medieval Japan
Daisho Large and small, a set of long and short swords with matching furniture
Daitai The thigh (also, momo)
Dai Teiji Great 'figure of hand', a long deep kamae  (see teiji)
Daito Ryu Great Eastern Style (also, Oshikiuchi, Aiki Inyo-ho) (Theoretically) a formerly secret art taught to the highest level retainers of the Aizu clan. Was made public by Takeda Sokaku at the beginning of the 20th century. According to legend, it goes back over 800 years to Prince Tejin no Minamoto (Genji).
Dan Rank; a modern ranking system (devised by Kano Jigoro, shihan, of the Kodokan); denotes black belt ranks. Ranks increase from 1- 10
Danryoku Elasticity, flexibility, resilience
De Geiko  Visiting (travel) Training, experiencing other schools and methods
Dembu Buttocks
Densho Transmission, scroll (list)
Dento Tradition
Dentoteki Traditional
Denko Atemi point at the floating ribs
Deshi Student or disciple
Do (A/the) way, often used to denote arts with a self development emphasis (especially post-Meiji). See also, michi
Do Chest plate or protector in armor (also, torso)
Dogi Way clothes, training uniform
Dogu Way equipment; training gear
Dojo Way Place, a space for practicing an art or skill, denotes more than a just a 'gym'
Dojo Arashi Dojo Storming, the practice of challenging everyone in a school to fight, the losers becoming students of the winner(s)
Dojo Cho Chief (of a) dojo
Dokko Pressure point behind the ear
Dome Stop, a shield-type blocking reception (especially with the Jo)
Domo Thanks (informal)
Domo Arigato Thank you (mid-formal)
Dori Taking, see:  Tori
Doshin (A series of) range of motion tests performed on UKE in Sotai
Doshu Vessel of the way, head of a style (eg, Aikido Hombu's late 2nd Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba)
Dozo Please, go ahead
Du Mai Governing Vessel (GV)

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Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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