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Abara The ribs
Age Rising
Age Uke Rising Reception, a Kenjutsu fundamental
Ago Jaw
Aiki Union of Energy, Harmony (with) energy, also, mind blending
Aikibudo   Harmonious Energy Martial Way, one of the names Ueshiba sensei used before deciding on "Aikido" for the name for his unique artistic vision.
Aiki Budokai Association for Harmonious Energy 'Martial' Way, an old name of this dojo 
Aikido The way of harmony with Ki, an art founded by Morihei Ueshiba
Aikijujutsu Harmonious Spirit Supple/Pliant Art. Properly, styles descended from Daito Ryu
Aiki no Sen Initiative of Harmonious Energy, to benefit strategically from an opponent's attitude
Ainuke Mutual drawing (of swords), a relationship which precludes fighting (due to the opponents' similar mind sets)
Aite Uniting hand; partner, (symbolic or practice) opponent
Aite Juji Ukemi Partner figure-ten arm-lock falling
Aiuchi Mutual strike, both combatants being cut (and probably killed). More common in Japanese sword encounters than having a single victor.
Amma A massage; A masseuse or masseur
Aoi Blue or green
Aoi Koyamakan Blue Hills Hall, the name of our dojo
Ani Deshi Older Brother Student, a senior
Anza Half sitting, sitting 'Indian-style' or with one leg in seiza, the other one crossed.
Antei Equilibrium, stability, soundness
Arashi Storm
Arigato Thank you (informal)
Asa Geiko Morning Training; a camp usually done during (the hottest part of) summer
Ashi Leg, foot
Ashi Step, stepping (archaic)
Ashi Barai Leg sweep, similar to Judo's 'O Soto Gari'
Ashi Garami
Leg entanglement
Ashi Gatame Leg Lock, generic term for any leg immobilization
Ashikubi Leg neck (Ankle)
Ashi no Yubi Fingers of the foot; toes
Asoko Over there
Atama Head
Atemi Striking Body, generic term for hitting, usually targeted to a vital or weak point
Atemi Waza Striking Body Techniques
Ato Move back, retreat, create distance
Ato no Sen Initiative of (one who is) retreating, this an be used as an attack despite the defensive intention.
Ayumi Ashi Normal walking/stepping

Batto Remove Blade (from a scabbard), to draw and cut
Benkyokai Study Association (sessions), for students of different levels.
Bo Straight
Bo Wood, wooden and by implication, a staff (rokushakubo a six foot staff)
Bogyo  Defense
Bokken Wood(en) sword, specifically one which resembles a katana
Boko Bladder (BL also, Tanko)
Bo Kodachi Wood(en) companion sword, a proxy short sword for training
Boku Wood(en)
Bokuto Wood(en) blade 
Boshi Thumb (or big toe)
Boshi Plum
Bo Tanto Wood(en) half-blade, a proxy knife for training
Bo Naginata Wooden Polearm
Bonno Klesa, in training, a disturbance or loss of concentration (also, suki)
Bo Shin A diagnostic method (looking and observing) used in traditional medicine
Bu Stop to violent actions; pertaining to things martial. Not a word on its own
Budo 'Martial' way
Bugei 'Martial' art, a name for comprehensive Japanese combative systems
Bugeisha A practitioner of Bugei
Buji Living in harmony and safety
Bujin 'Martial' person, the naPullme for low ranking samurai of the feudal era
Bujutsu 'Martial' tactics, a catch-all term for Japanese combative arts
Buki Weapons
Buki-ho Weapons-use methods
Buki Kake Weapon hook (rack)
Bun Shin A diagnostic method (listening and smelling) used in traditional medicine
Bunkai Analysis of forms or techniques
Bunkatsu Outline
Bushi 'Martial' expert, the warrior class of feudal Japan
Bushido Way of the warrior, an idealized concept (based on neo-Confucianism) devised in part to prevent insurgencies
Bushi no Nasake Gentleness of Warriors, a virtue cultivated by 'enlightened' warriors

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Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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