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Eiki Kujiki  To break (shatter) the (opponent's) spirit
Eimeiroku The official record of students (and student information) for each Ryu
Empi The elbow
Empi Waza Elbow techniques, ones in which the elbow is the main tool or weapon
Enga Osae To pin face down
En Geiko Circle training, with one student in the middle of classmates
Enryo Boldness, a disdain or contempt for death
Enshin Ryoku Centrifugal force (of a technique)
Enshu Circle hand, a training exercise/drill
Enten-jizui Moving and turning freely
Eri Lapel, collar


Fu Antei  Instability
Fuchi Furniture that fits on the end of the tsuka closest the tsuba
Fudo (Myoo) Immovable one, a representation of impeterbability
Fudoshin Mind/heart of Fudo, immutable or immovable spirit, one capable of not fixating
Fuku Shidoin Assistant instructor
Fukushiki Kokyu Abdominal breathing
Fukuro Shinai Bag bamboo blade, leather covered bamboo practice sword)
Fukuto SP-10, Atemi point just above inside of knee
Fumikomi Attack/flailing Step, a stomp or stomping kick
Furi To swing or flail
Furikaeshi Flailing reversal, twisting
Fusegi Escapes
Futari Two people
Futari Waza  Two-person techniques, 'defending'; against two opponents 

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Visitors are welcome, by appointment, as are beginners and guests.  To schedule an interview, please E-mail or call us 617.501.3446.

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